eBay Seller Edition         New Version 3.4
    The World’s Best Auction Photo Software - Now Even Better!

Add absolutely stunning round corner tables and drop shadow effects to your eBay auctions in seconds!
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The World's Best Auction Photo Editor! Optimized for eBay Auction Sellers, FotoKiss makes it easy to prepare and use digital or scanned photos for an auction listing, shopping cart, photo gallery or catalog.  It is simple to operate and produces high quality results - even if you are just a beginner!

If you sell on eBay - you need FotoKiss!
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“Better Auction Photos - Less Work”

  • Save Time
    Create an optimized auction photo, matching gallery photo and custom thumbnail for your website with just one click  ( more )
  • Save Money
    FotoKiss makes it easy to publish your photo to free picture hosting or your own webspace. This saves money on picture fees  ( more )
  • Create Better Auction Photos
    Most photos look better by simply loading them into FotoKiss. Automatic processing, easy to use tools and a visual photo editor make it easy for anyone to create great auction photos. Even adding text or a photo frame is easy in FotoKiss  ( more )
  • Get Noticed in a Crowd
    Gallery photos created by FotoKiss stand out from all the others.  Smart Gallery Photo Technology means no white spaces!  Or use the Super Gallery Lens for stunning photos that seem to jump right off the search results page ( more )
  • Create Today - Use Tomorrow
    The “QwikKISS” photo toolbar makes it easy for you to create your auction photo sets today - and use them tomorrow ( more )

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Supersize your auction photos with FotoKiss!

eBay experts agree...

“Using high quality photos that place emphasis on the item for sale is the single greatest thing you can do to increase the amount of money your auctions will bring.”

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“Created Especially for eBay Sellers ”
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FotoKiss at work...
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Standard Gallery Photo From a FotoKissed Photo

Smart Gallery Photo - Automatically Created by FotoKiss

Super Gallery Photo - Created with Super Gallery Lens




Create Better  Gallery Photos

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Visit our support page for new tutorials on configuring FotoKiss for specific photo hosting services

New Tech Tip: Adapting FotoKiss for recent changes in eBay Photo Size

Compatible with: Windows 98 SE, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP ( more )

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