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About the 30 day Free Trial

The download version is a full working copy of FotoKiss that runs for 30 days, but the photos created by the software have a watermark on them. However you can move the watermark around on the photo so it is possible to use the demo version of the software in your auction listings. When you purchase FotoKiss you will get an unlocking key that removes the watermark.

Important Suggestion

When you install FotoKiss, the setup program will offer to run a help file called “Your First Photo”.  You are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes to see this brief tutorial on how to use FotoKiss.  It will give you a quick overview of the program and how editing photos in FotoKiss is “different”, but “easier” than other programs. It will also introduce you to many of the powerful features of the program.

The SetupFotoKiss.exe install program has been tested to be free of Computer Viruses, Trojans and Spyware. It has also been Digitally Signed for your protection and peace of mind.
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FotoKiss Version 3.4 (SetupFotoKiss.exe)was signed Tuesday, November 02, 2004 2:41:41 AM

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: FotoKiss 3.4

: 11-2-04     (File Version 3.4)

: 6.40 MB

FotoKiss runs on: Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000/2003, Windows XP, ( more )

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What’s New in Version 3.4 ?

FotoKiss 3.4


This is minor update for maintenance purposes.

New Features:

Digital Code Signing with Comodo Trust Certificate added to ensure download/install security

Corrections and Improvements:

  • Fixed minor problem with XP Taskpanel menu that would cause the menu to go to the wrong selection if the "Make it Better" header was clicked
  • Fixed problem where AutoFilter would popup the Filter message
  • Added clear for preview bitmap when a new photo is loaded


FotoKiss 3.3


This is minor update for maintenance purposes.

New Features:

  • No new features were added in this maintenance release

Corrections and Improvements:

  • Improved AutoFilter processing to make sure that it was always being applied if no other filter was selected
  • Changed positioning screen for watermark to avoid possible problems with Hyper-Threaded PCs when in trial mode (reported occasionally on some PC's)
  • Made other small fixes and enhancements for processing performance - especially when using complex photo filters.


FotoKiss 3.1.2


This is medium update.

New Features:

  • Added "AutoFilter" feature.  This feature allows you to select a default filter (in SETUP) to improve photo quality if you do not select one from the Improve Quality menu. This is a real time saver when processing lots of photos!  Just load, improve and position the photo as needed.  Then when you click "Use it" the AutoFilter will be applied (unless you selected one manually - then it would be used). Note: you will not see AutoFilter results until the "Use it" screen.

Corrections and Improvements:

  • FotoKiss will now display the name of the FTP profile and FTP server on the Publish page.
  • Improved error checking for File Publishing and corrected small bugs that would allow filenames to be added to the publish later list in error.
  • Added error checking to ftpKISS to allow publish sessions to continue if there was a file error with a single file.
  • Added tooltips to XP Taskpanel menu items.
  • Added INDEX.HTML to the "Visit Website" link for compatibility with non-Internet Explorer browsers


FotoKiss 3.1


This is medium update - well worth the download effort. 

New Features:

Corrections and Improvements:

  • Added file sizes (KB and Bytes) to Original photo information (top display) and to new photo (bottom display on "Use it" screens)
  • Fixed problem in ftpKISS when trying to upload to the root directory of an FTP server if the server name was an IP address
  • Added support in ftpKISS to be able to create multiple levels of remote directories from the TEST CONNECTION option in ftpKISS setup
  • Fixed problem where ftpKISS was not updating information in FotoKiss after changes were made
  • Fixed problem with publishing photos from long path names (provided workaround to Microsoft limitation)
  • Added new tooltips and more "Tips of Day"
  • Fixed bug where "Templates OFF" message was displayed if no photo was loaded
  • Changed program to prevent re-selection of watermark position during a particular photo session


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