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FotoKiss sells for $39.95 USD


Delivery is by download from the Internet
We are working with a company now to have worldwide delivery on CDROM available soon for a nominal fee.  If you require delivery on CD before that option is available, please Contact Us.

FotoKiss comes with a “No questions asked” 30 Day Refund Policy
You can buy FotoKiss with confidence.  Our software is available for a “Try before you buy” download, but our strong refund policy means you can also “Buy before you try”.

The download version of the software places a watermark on the photos created. After you buy the software, you will receive a purchase key that will remove the watermark.  You do not have to type the code in.  You simply select the text of the code and copy it to the Windows clipboard - then click a button in the software to register it. It is fast and easy.

Registration Codes are delivered via e-mail
You will need a valid e-mail address where we can send your registration code to purchase FotoKiss.  In most cases your code is delivered right away via e-mail, but in a worst case scenario it may take 24 - 48 hours if there is a problem with the system.  We realize that once you make a decision to buy that you want your key immediately and we do our best to maintain a tight delivery schedule.

Please make sure that you can receive e-mail from through your spam filter or that you add us to your friends list so you can receive your registration codes!

We Prefer PayPal

For quick and secure processing of your order, we prefer PayPal. After all, FotoKiss is a product that was built for eBay Sellers and successful eBay Sellers use PayPal!  When you click the PayPal button, you will be taken to the PayPal shopping cart to complete your transaction. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you are no longer required to open one to process your order.  It is quick, easy and just takes a couple of minutes.


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