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Tips for getting the most out of FotoKiss

Here are some useful things to know about FotoKiss.  These tips (and many more) are presented in our “Tip of the Day” feature in the software.

  • FotoKiss uses a "template" to remember the size and settings required to create your photo sets. This makes it easy to have a consistent "look and feel". As soon as you load a photo into FotoKiss, the settings are automatically applied to a copy of the original photo. Then when you click "Use it" in the menu, FotoKiss creates the New Auction Photo, matching Smart Gallery Photo and Custom Thumbnail.
  • When a photo is loaded into FotoKiss, the viewer is resized to match your template settings. The photo you see in FotoKiss always looks like the new auction photo. This means you never have to guess what your photos will look like.
  • FotoKiss has a powerful editing feature called ZoomCrop. After you load a photo, you can use the Zoom tools (or just click the photo and roll your mouse wheel) to zoom in closer on the item for sale. After you zoom in closer, you can click and hold your left mouse button to move the photo.  When you click "Use it", the new photo is created from the visible portion of your photo. ZoomCrop saves you time when you are editing your photos.
  • When you have a photo that is very dark or light, hold CTRL while you click the brightness or contrast adjustment buttons CTRL + Left mouse click = 10x ( this is like clicking 10 times ).  CTRL + Right mouse click = 50x ( this is like clicking 50 times )
  • When you are using your wheel mouse to zoom in or out on a photo, hold the CTRL key down for fine adjustments. If you are having trouble getting just the right adjustment, use the wheel mouse for coarse adjustments - then the zoom buttons for fine control.
  • FotoKiss uses a series of automatic enhancement technologies to improve your photo when it is loaded.  The result is that most photos look better just by loading them into FotoKiss
  • FotoKiss uses a file transfer program called ftpKISS to publish your photos to the Internet. ftpKISS can be configured to run silently in the tool tray so you can edit other photos while your files are being published.
  • FotoKiss is designed to save you time. One feature that does this is called AutoNavigate. An example:  After you "Get a Photo" from any source, AutoNavigation closes the Get a Photo menu and automatically opens the "Make it Better" menu.
  • Linking to your photos that have been published to the Internet is easy with FotoKiss. After you publish the photos, use the HTML button and FotoKiss will place the HTML code needed to link to your photo on the Windows clipboard. Then you just PASTE the HTML into your auction listing!
  • FotoKiss makes it easy to save money on listing fees by uploading your auction photos to picture hosting services, your ISP or website.  Once it is configured, you just click the Publish button to upload the entire photo set (or just the photos you prefer).
  • FotoKiss makes it easy to add text to the top or bottom of your photo. Just click the upper or lower caption button and start typing! You will see the results "real time" as you type.
  • FotoKiss has technology to show you how long it takes to transfer the photos in your set to the Internet at common connection speeds.  You can see exactly how long it would take for you to upload a photo set - and how long it would take for your buyers to download them.  This makes it easy for you to prevent listings that are slow to display.
  • FotoKiss ships with a utility program called QwikKISS. This photo toolbar makes it easy for you to edit your photos today and reuse them tomorrow.  Information about your photo set is stored in a data file that the QwikKISS program will recognize. When you open the QwikKISS file you can use the entire photo set (just like you would in the Use it menu of FotoKiss.
  • If you would like total control over your gallery photos, use the Super Gallery Lens from the eBay Tools menu.
    You just place the lens where you want it on the photo, make it as big as you  like and what is under the lens will be used in the gallery photo.
  • When you scan a photo directly into FotoKiss, use a minimum of 300 DPI on your scanner settings. Don't worry about the size of your photos!  FotoKiss will use the extra data to create a better photo and still reduce the new photo  to a small size.
  • FotoKiss has a unique interface that makes it easy for a new user to figure out how to use the program, but doesn't get in the way of the experienced user.  In complex menus such as "Make it Better", you can select a item from the XP menu (such as Zoom) to display the regular toolbar with text on the buttons.  Then you can return to the Expert menu by clicking "Make it Better" or pressing ALT+X.  You can switch back and forth between menu modes as easy as that!
  • When surfing the web, you can put your mouse over a photo - then right-click and select COPY to put a copy on the Windows clipboard. Then use the Get a Photo From Windows Clipboard option or press CTRL+V on any screen in FotoKiss to PASTE the photo into FotoKiss. Be sure to respect copyrighted photos since not all photos are free.
  • A powerful feature of the caption editor in FotoKiss is Scalable Text. You simply tell FotoKiss the starting size to use for your font, then specify the smallest size you desire.  As you type in your text, FotoKiss will automatically "scale" down to a smaller size if needed!
  • Use the caption editor to add text to every photo. This is great for copyright notices to protect your photo or to put a URL for your website on the photo.  Just select the option in the caption editor.
  • You can use the Start Over button on the Get a Photo menu to undo all changes to your editing without reloading a photo. There is also a matching button in the lower left of the Expert toolbar in the Make it Better section. You can also use CTRL+Z in the Make it Better section to start over.


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