Why is FotoKiss the best?
FotoKiss is the ONLY photo software built especially for eBay Sellers

Better Photos + Less Time + Easy to Use = Winner!

eBay Sellers told us the formula for success.  We just listened and built what they asked for!

Team FotoKiss

Simplicity is the key

Creating great auction photos in FotoKiss is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 !

1. Get a Photo
From your Computer, Digital Camera, Scanner, Media Reader or even the Windows Clipboard.

2. Make it Better
FotoKiss uses automatic image enhancement and remembers the way you want your auction photos created. This means that most photos look better simply by loading them into FotoKiss.

FotoKiss is a “Visual Photo Editor”. What you see is always what you’ll get.

The editing tools in FotoKiss are simple to use, easy to understand and clearly labeled. You might want to read our help files, but you really don’t have to! 

3. Use it!
With a single mouse click, FotoKiss creates an entire photo set consisting of a new optimized auction photo, a matching smart gallery photo and (optionally) a custom thumbnail photo for your website.

FotoKiss gives you all the tools you need to save your photo set, copy the new photos to the Windows clipboard and publish them to the Internet.  Then you can easily copy the HTML needed to link to your photos to the Windows clipboard.  There is also a “Live Preview” that shows you exactly how your photos will look in a web browser or the Windows default viewer.



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What about the eBay Tools?

Click here to read our service bulletin about new photo sizes at eBay
and how to adapt FotoKiss to them

FotoKiss includes special tools designed to give eBay Sellers the edge over their competitors.



One great weakness in auction listings is gallery photos.  Unless you provide a gallery photo that is ready to use, these photos are created from the photo that you provide. The result is that most gallery photos are dark, too small to see and usually include “white space” on two sides.


FotoKiss creates gallery photos that will turn your competitors green with envy!



Gallery photos created by FotoKiss stand out from all the others.  Because they are created from a photo that has been processed by FotoKiss, they are brighter and clearer. Smart Gallery Photo Technology creates gallery photos that are not distorted - yet have no white space around them.


The Super Gallery Lens allows you to easily create gallery photos that are stunning!



The Super Gallery Photo Lens puts YOU in total control over what goes into your gallery photo.  Best of all - it is so simple to use!


The Super Gallery Lens over a photo of a crawlerSize and position the lens over the portion of the photo you want to use in your gallery photo.

The “Live Preview” shows what your going to get all the time so you don’t have to guess.


The lens always keeps the right shape to create a perfect gallery photo so you can’t go wrong!


Look at a side-by-side comparison of these gallery photos:

Buyers will click on your eBay listings first
because they can see what you have to sell!

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Successful eBay Sellers feel the need for speed...

One of the most important things to remember when you are creating your auction photos is that not everyone has a fast Internet connection! Studies show that the majority of people still connect to the Internet with a dial-up modem.

If your photos take too long to appear in your listing - buyers will simply click the BACK button and purchase from another Seller!

FotoKiss has built-in tools to make sure that your photos download quickly. The photos are optimized for a combination of speed and quality (you can change the settings). 

The FotoKiss File Transfer tool estimates the time required to transfer the photo set over common connection speeds and displays the results so you can see for yourself:

This graph (created by FotoKiss) shows the original photo would take nearly Nine Minutes to download over a standard modem.  The new FotoKiss auction photo (even at 100% quality) would only take a few seconds!

FotoKiss takes the guess work out of optimizing your photos!

Click here to find out how to create super fast photos for your auction!

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