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Note:  The samples in this gallery all open in a new browser window

Basic Photo Sets

FotoKiss creates matched photo sets with a single click. Then you can easily view the entire set in your web browser so you can see them exactly as your buyers will.  FotoKiss even creates a graph to show you how much faster your new photos will download from the Internet.

Click here to see a example of a basic three-photo set and download speed graph
               Note:  This set includes a “Super Gallery Photo” instead of the usual “Smart Gallery Photo”

Supersize Photo Sets

You can use FotoKiss to create Supersize Photos! By simply setting the size of the FotoKiss “Custom Thumbnail” to be 800x600, FotoKiss will automatically create a Supersize photo for your eBay listing. 

Save Money!!! eBay charges $.75 for each SuperSize listing (using eBay picture services), but you can use FotoKiss and free picture hosting (or your own webspace) to Supersize for free!


Click here to see a example of a three-photo set with a SuperSize Custom Thumbnail


Compare Quality Levels

FotoKiss makes it easy to decide what Quality Level to use when you save your photos!  With just one click FotoKiss will generate 10 different versions of your photo (at different quality levels from 100% down to 10%) and display them in your web browser. Then you just scroll down the list to find the setting that looks the best for your particular photo.

This feature helps you select photos that download lightning fast while still showing off the quality of your items for sale.

No more lost buyers because your photos were too big to download at modem speeds.

Please note that these photos are generated on your computer so they load quickly when you are using FotoKiss. Depending on your connection speed, it may take a little longer to view from the Internet.

Click here to see a example of the ten-photo set generated to compare quality levels


Check back often! 

We will be posting more examples of “FotoKiss at work” soon.


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